3 Card Tarot Spread

The 3 card Tarot spread reading is useful when we need a quick peek at our energy or others’ energy.

Furthermore, thanks to its versatility, this spread can also be used for divine info about any situation that neatly breaks down into three clear areas. The following is some outstanding examples to take into account.

3 Card Tarot Spread – How to Read?

3 card Tarot spread

For truth seekers, you are dealing with such a tough, difficult life; thus, obviously you will have numerous problems to solve as well as urgent questions in need of the answer. Tarot comes with multiple spreads that can embrace all of your issues.

But, sometimes you will have not enough time to clear all the inquiries in detail. That’s why simplicity is always the best option.

Remember that the 3 card Tarot spread gives you a status check. Or if you are confused about any thing, it will offer a little hint or suggestion helping the circumstance become more precise.

Want to get the most from a free Tarot card reading online?

The ultimate question would be making the right queries.

Just make use of the 3 card Tarot spread for all of your little daily needs!

The first spread (Mind – Body – Spirit)

This often covers 3 aspects of life.

A positive card in the mind side signifies a healthy attitude to life, while a negative card indicates problems (i.e. the 10 of swords shows anxiety or depression).

The body section implies your physical health.

How about the final card?

It tends to represent the health of your spirit.

The High Priestess in the 3rd position, for instance, means that your psychic development seems to be underway. Notice the Devil card, since it denotes blockages, and being overly materialistic without paying much attention to the spiritual development.

The second spread (Past – Present – Future)

If you’re now in a relationship, the layout may tell you something significant about the history of the relationship, where it presently stands, and what the future holds for it.

There is no doubt that the question you ask shouldn’t be limited to relationships only. It’s quite possible to apply it to any condition where you’re fond of knowing the future.

One typical example of this relationship spread can look something like this:

  • In the past position, the “Three of Cups” card suggests that you met someone special at a party or social gathering.
  • The Chariot card implies that there is distance between both of you in the center position.
  • In the future position, the 2 of Cups can reveal an engagement.

The third spread (Background – Problem – Advice)

Believe it or not, this 3-card tarot spread is very useful for solving problems.

At first, please ask the question. What do you see? The first card discloses to you more about people/factors in the background that are affecting the situation. At that time, the middle card will confirm the core of the issue, while the right card offers advice on how to resolve it.

Sound simple to deal with this type of spread, right?

Just choose 3 cards randomly from a Tarot deck, and then think of your matters carefully. At the end, you’ll know how to interpret its meanings on the whole.

3 Card Tarot Spread Lovers

3 card Tarot spread

When it comes to the love Tarot reading, the reader will help you cover many different aspects depending on your questions and situation.

There are a lot of things related to the heart matter that need to be solved, such as soulmates, twin flames, life mates, kindred spirits, karmic connections and sacred contracts. Without the Tarot help, you will surely get confused about the spiritual connection between you and your loved one.

By doing the 3 card Tarot spread, the insightful glimpse into your relationship will be unfolded. With this layout, you don’t have to be a Tarot expert to interpret the divine cards.

In general, the special free Tarot card predictions for love relationships utilizing the simple yet genuine 3 card spread is the most effective way to answer all of the questions regarding your love life – past, present and future.

Get ready for a spiritual reading concentrating on your love and romance?

This Tarot reading uses only 3 cards: the #1 card represents your love in the past, the #2 card unveil your relationship at the present time, and the #3 card shed light into the possible future.

What is the meaning of each position in the 3 card Tarot spread?

Now, focus on the inquiry that you most crave for the answer:

First position: The connection of two soulmates

Do your soul and your partner’s already know each other?

No matter which card you choose; if it is in this position, it indicates agreement between two individuals in a relationship. Many often say, “Meeting someone else is really a divine connection.” Actually, it just a fallacy!

Every person you encounter in life does show up with their own purpose; however, it doesn’t mean that all of them are significant to you. In fact, it is a miracle to meet your soulmate or true love.

That’s why you need the assistance of Tarot!

The card in this position will come with the revelation about the connection that you have to keep within your sight. The path to a successful love life is never filled with roses. Thus, with a glance into the past, you can realize how much you have grown throughout the whole journey.

Keep in mind that not all soul connections are loving or kind.

Second position: Is this relationship worth my investment?

You often pay a lot of thoughts into this issue; therefore, it’s hard for you to enjoy the love completely.

One thing to remember, whether your relationship can’t be long-lasting nor has no commitment, it is still worth your time. You are able to learn much from it – the lessons and experience give you the chance to grow.

The question you make in this position is very important.

Once agreeing to spend much of your time in the existing relationship, this means that you have opened up yourself to the spiritual energy and are willing to go through all the joys and obstacles ahead.

Born with the free will, you have the choice to back out from anything that seems to be not appropriate. It’s true that the cards give you genuine guidance on what to do; nonetheless, at the end of the day, it’s you who have the right to make the final decision.

The consequence you are living with today (positive or negative) was the result of your choice in the past. Shortly, the 3 card tarot spread only empowers the path you’ve decided to walk on.

Third position: The future of your relationship

So, how will your current relationship look like in the future?

The Tarot card in this position will tell you the final outcome. Put it simply, the hidden meaning in this card will show you hints of what is going to come.

Obviously, there are many factors influencing your outcome. In case you are doing this reading, then I advise you to do it again immediately. Trust me; you will attain two different results, entirely. Why?

During your very first reading, the divine cards gave you certain knowledge altering the level of your awareness. Hence, even if this third card holds positive definitions, it has no sense that your relationship will be 100% successful.

In fact, you need to work hard on all relationships (including the friendship and colleagueship).

In love, if two persons involved don’t want to invest their consideration, thoughtfulness and respect to one another, then everything could go nowhere.

What if you picked out a negative card here?

No need to worry! Don’t think that this is a sign your relationship would end. Instead, in the positive way, the no-so-good card notifies that you must put on sentiment, effort and patience in order to strengthen the love life.

3 Card Tarot Spread Meaning

3 card Tarot spread

For sure, a Tarot cards reading will shed light into your love relationship, career, health and other areas in your life as well. You can ask a well-trusted Tarot reader online for the help, but they are not always available at any moment.

Fortunately, the 3 card Tarot spread is a common spread that you can do by yourself.

Via this 3 card Tarot personal reading, each card corresponding to each position will answer the questions regarding to your past, present and even future. Select three cards from the Tarot deck; then, think of the problem or challenge that you are facing and yearning for the solution.

Read the interpretation of each card and write down noticeable points. After that, convey the divine message into your current situation, or apply it to what you asked.

The 1st Card – The Past

This is the card telling you your whole situation. The meaning will reveal the current spot you are in and reasons why you’re stuck there. Once reading this card, note that it might indicate an individual or a relationship presenting in your life that somehow connects to your question.

The 2nd Card – The Present

By reading this card, you will understand your current problem – it often represents the direct result. More importantly, you should spend much time interpreting the present card. Why? The definition behind may try to display things that you’ve previously ignored or overlooked.

The 3rd Card – The Future

Lastly, in the 3-card Tarot spread, this final card will deliver the perceptive guidance assisting you in facing and going through all problems. In addition, you will get hints for people and objects that you hadn’t considered once – this change will come with a new positive future.

Whenever you finished drawing the cards, return to the initial question and read it again to make sure you’ve addressed it properly.

Excellent and gifted, the Tarot guide will carefully observe the image on Tarot cards and interpret the meanings. Don’t rely on those cards for the personal reflection as you have the free will.

Just like any skill, the perfection starts from practicing frequently. So, keep using the Tarot tool often (if possible) to read the cards professionally.

You can practice at home or quickly order the “astrology answers master deck Tarot cards” set!

3 Card Tarot Spread Free

3 card Tarot spread

Besides the traditional linear 3 card Tarot spread, here I want to present you other two common types of the spread using 3 cards.

Firstly, let’s begin with:

Crossed 3 card Tarot spread

What is this layout imply?

Well, this is a spread usually availed to gain deeper understanding into conflicts and obstacles. You will place the first two cards crossing over. They indicate things that are blocking your way to success, happiness or ultimate goal. They are the obstruction that you must overcome. Next to two crossed-over cards, you will draw the third card which role is the advice card. Interpret the hidden message and you can see the whole situation in many different perspectives.

This spread is sometimes used as the simpler 2 card spread (only the crossing cards).

It mainly deals with:

  • Situation, Obstacle, Advice
  • Opportunity, Challenge, Outcome
  • Aspiration, Obstruction, How to Overcome
  • Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis

Balanced 3 card Tarot spreads

With this layout, pay attention to the common intersection of each card of the spread. All three cards are important, equally – draw out three cards corresponding to three sides of a pyramid. If you ignore the balance in this spread, the whole structure and meaning will collapse.

  • Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Physical State, Emotional State, Spiritual State
  • Subconscious, Conscious, Super Conscious
  • What I think, What I feel, What I do

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For more info regarding to the 3 card Tarot spread, simply send your queries or comments in the chat box. I will try to deliver the answer to everyone as soon as possible!

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