Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Show – What Do You See?

long island medium theresa caputo

The famous Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo has been the winner of the 2012 Pigasus Award for Performance since 2012. However, what makes everyone remember her is how good she is when serving as a medium in a reality television show. As everyone trusts that Caputo is actually a psychic medium who possesses an ability of talking to the dead. You should know that all TV show executives both agree that most of the psychic mediums’ shows tend to look for any new way to display the paranormal events.

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Besides, differently rambunctious personalities of Caputo have been available in the Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo. But, TV reality show does not mention her own family. For Caputo’s work, she often has to share some spiritual messages through her cold readings for different people. Caputo might receive question like “did your mommy pass?” usually made by the older ladies. Guess what? She would like to answer something like “he/she truly loves you” or “he has just found peace”. The similar tricks can be performed for her groups of querents. In addition, how she would never fail to raise a question like “did someone here lose a sister?”

This is not for any of her pushovers. Others are convinced that this psychic medium does not have to play any guessing game when it comes to the dead’s name or initials. For most people, she’s just well-known for her own exaggerated emotion expression. Watch one of the episodes? You may see her state that that it’s the spirit of a little dead boy that has become attached to her.

Guess what? The only way to free that spirit is to meet his mother. While observing her, she seems to get more distraught by that spirit’s presence. In short, Long Island Medium would be great for people. This is especially true for skeptics to detect several tricks and techniques for both hot and cold psychic readings.

Understand Cold Readings

long island medium theresa caputo

This is such a clever technique at the bottom of a Gypsy woman’s heart. To be honest, it can be done by different magicians, but that’s just a very old trick for them to demonstrate their so-called psychic abilities. In other words, any person performing cold readings tend to pretend to be aware of everything related to someone else that other normal people can’t know unless they’re actually psychic. Such readings mainly work at giving a greatly general statement with a high confidence that you’re really telling the querent you know.

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