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A psychic is “one who delves into that which lies outside the realm of physical knowledge; one who delves into the immaterial or spiritual realm; one who is apparently sensitive to supernatural forces and influences; a medium”.
Merriam Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary.

In fact, the Bible concurs that it is not right to find out knowledge about the future. Everything should focus on God and His Word.

What About Psychics And Mediums In The Bible!

psychics and mediums in the bible

Bible highly condemns the practice of mediums, occults, psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, etc. These practices based on the abstraction that there are gods, loved ones, and spirits to provide seekers advice and guidance. Furthermore, the Bible said that these gods and spirits are demons.

The Bible cannot believe that the loved ones could or would like to contact their family’s members. So, Psychics And Mediums In The Bible are not real. If anyone is a believer of God, they are in heaven and enjoy the most fabulous place. Such place is imaginable in the fellowship with the loving God.

In addition, if they were not the Bible’s believers, they are in hell. In that case, they might suffer the un-ending torment for refusing God’s love and rebelling against him.

If the loved ones cannot contact their family’s members, what would the psychics do to get such accurate information? There will be many expositions on psychics. It will be exposed how they can gain immense amount of information about an individual via ordinary means.

Thus, the Bible said that the psychics get relevant information and divination from Satan and his demons. They will bring the psychics information about the individual to hook her or him into the spiritualism. That is something God prohibits.

Does Bible Believe In Mediums?

Psychics, spirits, and mediums are popular among the pagans of the Bible lands. God warned children against participating in these practices. According to the Bible, when someone enters the land the Lord – their God is giving them, they don’t have permission to learn or imitate such spiritual ways.

psychics and mediums in the bible

In general, no one can be found among them. Examples include those who foretell divination or sorcery, sacrifice his son or daughter in fire, interpret omens, cast spells or engage in witchcraft, or those who are mediums or consult the dead. According to the Bible, anyone who practices the above things is detestable to the Lord.

According to Bible, the living knows that people will die. But, the death know nothing. Thus, they have no more return because their memory is forgotten, even their love, hatred, and envy are perished. In brief, they share anything done under the sun.

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