Tarot Cards And Meanings

Want to know about Tarot cards and meanings?

Learning the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards seems to be a daunting task.

Don’t worry! Such the techniques below will allow you all to engage with Tarot cards on a very deep level, etching the cards’ meanings into your brain.

Please spend time in practicing these tricks carefully so that you’re able to gain a strong connection & understanding of Tarot.

Tarot Cards and Meanings

Tarot cards and meanings

For those who get the Tarot reading with no experience, you may feel confused and tangled just by looking at the cards’ archetypal image. In fact, Tarot cards and their meanings are very enigmatic and mysterious.

Well, the definition of Tarot has never been complete. No one can tell what is set in the future; thus, you shouldn’t expect any single meaning or interpretation from each card to be inscribed in stone.

The ultimate significance is – what the Tarot reading is holding for your fate?

By having a look at Tarot cards and meanings, you will achieve the deeper understanding of 78 cards in a Tarot deck – the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, four main Tarot suits (swords, cups, wands and pentacles), and more.

During a Tarot reading session, your Tarot advisor will connect to the cards’ energy guiding you to your intuition and the secrets shared to you.

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Tarot Cards and Their Meanings

Tarot cards and meanings

How to memorize Tarot cards and meanings?

1. Notice what’s going on in the cards

In the Rider-Waite Smith deck, lots of the Tarot cards illustrate some kinds of scene unfolding. What is the card’s imagery telling you?

Really take a look at each card and ask what’s going on here. Please write down your strong impressions, and then look up the cards’ significance from your companion book to check how close you were.

Needless to say, not all cards will be clearly illustrated; thus, this tip may work for many cards of the Minor Arcana.

2. Zero much in on the symbols

It’s time to go through the card pack, and the pick up one symbol on each card that you think it corresponds with your life matter.

For instance, the Sun in the right corner of “The Fool” card may reveal optimism, while the shining star from lantern in “The Hermit” card can stand for the guiding light of your conscious awareness.

The next time you conduct a reading, the symbols shall act as memory triggers, which remind you of tarot cards and their meanings.

3. Grasp the Tarot suits’ qualities

Remove the cards of Major Arcana from the pack, and then group the remaining the cards of Minor Arcana and Court cards into 4 groups – Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles.

At that time, each suit will have their own particular quality and deal with specific aspects of the daily life.

  • Cups (Water): feeling, emotions, relationships
  • Swords (Air): thought, mental aspect, communication
  • Pentacles (Earth): body, physical world, health, money
  • Wands (Fire): passion, spiritual aspect, creative drive, vocation

4. Comprehend the numerical qualities

Pleased re-organize the cards of Minor Arcana so that they can be grouped according to their number. Then, put all the Aces together, all the Twos together, all the Threes together, etc…until you have 10 groups of four cards.

When searching for the similarities, may you grasp a specific theme with every numerical group? At times, this is really obvious, while other times, it isn’t, right?

Tarot Card Meanings Major Arcana

Tarot cards and meanings

As you know, the Tarot deck has 78 divine cards divided into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. In this section, let’s consider Tarot cards and meanings Major Arcana.

The Major Arcana (also known as “trumps”) is a permanent suit of 22 permanent cards. No matter what your purpose is (playing games or doing the readings), this suit has totally different definitions from four standard suits of the Minor Arcana.

The term “Major” is very common when the Tarot deck is applied in the occult and divinatory session.

Each card in the Major Arcana represents a particular scene in which features either human creatures or objects or both. The images display many mysterious symbolic elements. In most of Tarot decks, the cards come with random numbers (Roman numerals) and names. Nevertheless, some only have pictures.

Not all decks have both the number and name, remember.

The first Tarot decks didn’t include the name and number in the Major Arcana cards; maybe people in the early time were illiterate. In addition, the cards didn’t follow the standard order.

Despite the distinction in definition and influence, the whole 22 Tarot cards and meanings tell you a story. If you are curious, then yes the main character of this story is “The Fool” – the first Major Arcana card. He and his journey will be described insightfully through 22 cards, telling how he learns, grows and copes with different situations in this life.

Understanding the Major Arcana storyline, you will find the right direction to successful accomplishments, precious lessons as well as avoid set-backs. Let Tarot cards and meanings lead you to a path without trials and tribulations.

Check out the following 22 Major Arcana cards:


(0 or 22)

The Fool New beginnings, innocence, no experience, fortunes for the beginners, carefree, having faith in the future
1 The Magician A sudden solution, being innovative, ability to communicate clearly, desired outcome
2 The High Priestess Mystery, magic, intuition, secrets and wisdom
3 The Empress Fertility, feminine energy, femininity, a family-oriented individual, home and family, abundance
4 The Emperor The ruler, controlling, masculine power, domination
5 The Hierophant Consciousness, kindness, charity, belief and religion, spiritual counseling guidance, traditions
6 The Lovers Soulmates, love and relationships, love choices, physical attractions
7 The Chariot Determination, willpower and victory
8 Strength Courage, self-confidence, patience, passions, strength and compassion
9 The Hermit The time spending alone for soul-searching, seeking introspection and spiritual guidance
10 Wheel of Fortune The destiny which is pre-decided
11 Justice Legal matters, truth, spiritual laws, cause and effect
12 The Hanged Man A period in which your life is temporarily suspended
13 Death The transformation from endings to new beginnings, growth
14 Temperance Balanced interaction of all the elements in life, balance and strength
15 The Devil Behavior primariness, desires, earthly needs and fears
16 The Tower Emotions, anger issues, disaster, sudden change or upheaval
17 The Star A bright future, joy, hope, optimism, inspiration, answers to your questions, guidance, serenity, and connection to the spirit world
18 The Moon Intuition, illusion, fantasy, anxiety and fears
19 The Sun Joy, success, warmth and happiness, blossoming relationships
20 Judgement Responsibility for your actions in life, true characteristics, assertiveness, speaking the truth
21 The World Successful completion, fulfillment

Tarot Card Meanings and Spreads

Tarot cards and meanings

Via this article, I want to discuss with you “three most popular Tarot spreads”! Here, I come with a list of spreads that is appropriate for most of your situations.

It’s time to discuss different Tarot spreads. Consider the following information and later you can practice yourself by laying down the cards on the table.

Below are the three most common Tarot spreads:

1. The “Three Card” Spread

This is the simplest of all – only three cards can cover your life in the most accurate way. Importantly, you should never underestimate the “Three Card” spread because of its simplicity.

Considered as one of the most powerful Tarot spreads, it enables to deliver you quick yet enlightened answers to any question of your life. Additionally, whenever you feel confused and lost, the three cards from this spread will embrace you with empowered insight and guidance.

In the 3-card Tarot spread, you’ll gain a glimpse into your past, present and future.

The essentials of the “Three Card” spread

Note that this spread does not reflect on one-fixed purpose or the meaning as well as position of each card. Depending on your purpose, situation and questions, the spread can be versatile.

In the following are several ways to utilize your “Three Card” spread:

  • Past – Present – Future
  • Current circumstance – Challenges – Guidance
  • Mind – Body – Spirit
  • Strengths – Weaknesses – Advice
  • You – Your Partner – Your relationship
  • You thoughts – Your feelings – Your solutions
  • What supporting you – What hindering you – Your realized and yet realized potentials

2. The “Celtic Cross” Spread

It might be complicated to interpret; nonetheless, this “Celtic Cross” spread has been used a lot for centuries. What makes it so popular to people? The answer lays in its complexity!

The “Celtic Cross” spread is the best option if you are stuck in complicated circumstances. Extremely versatile, each card in every particular position offers you great info that can be conveyed in various ways basing on how it is combined.

This layout helps you recognize the issues that you haven’t put your eyes on before, plus also mentions influences from the outside.

#1 – Your current situation

#2 – Cause (what is holding you back?) and solution (what will assist you?)

#3 – Your subconscious influences and how they affect your everyday life

#4 – Past events or issues impacting on your current

#5 – Your conscious desires

#6 – Your headlight will give you insight on how to redirect your life to a better track

#7 – Your attitude, actions, thoughts and ideals.

#8 – The energy you get from the surrounding environment and people around, and its advantages to your life

#9 – Things that you should pay high awareness of or never neglect

#10 – Your final outcome; this card connects strongly with the #5 card

3. The “Spiritual Guidance” Spread

This is the spread often used during times that you are suffering from obstacles or challenges which have the relation to your growth or development.

The This “Spiritual Guidance” layout will provide you a much broader perspective with valuable life lessons aiding you on the way to your spiritual path.

#1 – Your primary concern, existing issue or burning question

#2 – Your motivation to get the guidance for your quest

#3 – Your life’s aspects where you feel disheartened, anxious or stressed of

#4 – Events or problems you are ignoring in your current situation

#5 – Advice on what to do and not to do for a better life

#6 – Best solutions on how to keep positive mind among your worries

#7 – The directions letting you move forward with optimism and happiness.

#8 – The final outcome

Tarot Card Meanings Love

Tarot cards and meanings

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard about the Tarot before, at least once. Yet, do you know the actual benefits of the Tarot card reading?

Tarot cards and meanings are believed to possess the ability to foresee what will happen in the future. In addition, a glimpse into those divine cards will let you gain insight into your past and present.

By having a free reading with Tarot cards and their meanings, truth seekers are able to attain helpful solutions to all potential problems of your life. No matter what your problem is (love romance, career, finances and health), this service will instantly give you the answer you always crave for.

So, how powerful Tarot cards are in a free Tarot love reading?

Many clients feel impressed with Tarot predictions. Believe or not, you’ll get surprised at what a Tarot advisor says during an accurate reading session. The guidance is on point and can reach the deepest corner of your feelings.

Furthermore, when the reading ends, you will realize the root of your problems and receive the advice solving your current circumstance. Especially, in case you are struggling in love relationships, I recommend you to get a Tarot love reading.

Get ready for a good start of your love life? Time to examine all of your love issues!

Check the power of Tarot cards and meanings here!

What Tarot Cards Mean?

Tarot cards and meanings

We’ve discussed the Major Arcana and its meanings above; now, let’s have a brief talk about the Minor Arcana and how it deals with your everyday issues.

The Minor Arcana is the combination of 56 different Tarot cards. From 56 cards, we divide them into four main suits – each with 14 cards (card #1-#10 plus 4 court cards). Now you have the 1/ Suit of Swords, 2/ Suit of Wands, 3/ Suit of Cups and 4/ Suit of Pentacles.

The suit of each category represents an significant element in life. Understanding the Major Arcana cards, you will have much knowledge of your approach toward all those elements.

  • The Suit of Swords (Air) points out the reasons leading to your current behavior
  • All the cards in the Suit of Wands (Fire) have the association with your creativity
  • Next, the Suit of Cups (Water) indicates your feelings and emotions
  • Lastly, the Suit of Pentacles (Earth) connects with your material lif

Tarot cards and meanings in the Minor Arcana indicate the ups and downs that you usually encounter on the daily basic. In fact, a reading focusing on the Minor Arcana will provide you perceptive clarity. In order to solve your issue, the Tarot advisor will make use of Tarot spreads, meanings, and other hidden information from the cards.

Tarot Cards and Christianity

Tarot cards and meanings

So, is it okay for a Christian to get the Tarot cards and meanings reading?

I personally think this is the question relating to your personal faith. However, there are many evidence saying that Tarot is not the tool of the devil; it’s not a problem asking help from the divine cards.

No one forbids you from doing a Tarot reading on your own. As I already told you, this is just a problem with your faith. In my case, I’m a Christian but still look for the assistance from Tarot cards and their meanings at certain times.

You cannot hurt anyone with Tarot cards, anyway.

Just relax and open up when it comes to Tarot cards and Christianity.

Tarot Cards Meanings with Pictures

Tarot cards and meanings

Quickly request for a free reading Tarot cards and meanings no credit card needed!

The moment you allow the Tarot reader to have a glimpse into your life, you will earn the most perceptive guidance on hardships involved in every area (love, marriage, family, work, finance, or spirit guides). No matter what trouble you are in, let Tarot cards and meanings bring you out such difficulties.

During the Tarot reading session, you must share your story honestly. Although you might be facing an unexpected disaster, I advise you to be calm rather than panic. The advisor will give you the instant solution, deep understanding clearing up your confusions.

Following the messages of Tarot cards and meanings, then you’ll be able to make a wise decision and reach your desired goals as well.

In general, Tarot readings ensure to offer you direct and extremely precise information. So, if you want to learn more about Tarot cards and meanings, then simply contact Tarot reader online with an open-minded approach.

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